1st Stoke Row Scouts
1st Stoke Row Scouts

Covid-19 Update

Dear Scouts. Cubs, Beavers and Parents


Firstly, our leaders across all groups would like to say how much they are missing you all!  But fear not: they are keeping the tents warm, the compasses shined and the fire wood dry and ready for when we are up and running again (and we can't wait!) However, there are lots of hurdles that we need to get over first.


Back in July we were advised by the Scout Association of the protocols that have been put in place for all the groups to be able to return safely to face-to-face scouting and the criteria we must meet for each of these.

Fortunately with the amount of space we have in Stoke Row (both indoors and outdoors) this has not been too challenging in a lot of ways - but primarily we have had to put very detailed Covid-19 risk assessments in place - which have to be approved by the Scout Association for each group.  Our Scout group has already submitted theirs as a 'test case' -  and we are currently waiting to hear if this has been approved.


In the meantime, our Beaver group has already made the understandable decision not to start up their meetings until January 2021 (at the earliest) due to the age of the children involved and the practicalities of being able to adhere to the social distancing guidelines we must follow. We will keep you posted about this.


However, our Cub group is keen to re-start as soon as we can - but this is going to require some very detailed logistical planning due to the numbers of children enrolled, so we will not be able to return until we know that our sessions can be run in both a safe and fun way.  But rest assured that once the relevant risk assessment has been passed we will start making plans and let you know!


In the meantime, you will appreciate that we need to gain an understanding of the likely numbers that we will be working with once we are up and running - so if you have received an email from your group leader regarding your child returning, can we please request that you respond to this asap so that we can plan accordingly.


But for now,we would like to thank you for your patience during this very difficult year. 


Please stay safe and well - and we will hope to see you soon!

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