1st Stoke Row Scouts
1st Stoke Row Scouts



Our meetings are weekly during term-time, from 6:30 until 8:00pm - usually in the Sports Pavilion, Stoke Row, although we get out and about as often as we can - especially in the woods close by.


Pack meetings start and finish with the Grand Howl ceremony, and then there are usually games, activities - and all sorts of fun things that help us learn things and acquire new skills - and to explore and understand more about the world around us.



Age Range

We welcome boys and girls between the ages 8 and 11 years old - and currently have 20 youngsters in our pack.


When Cubs enter the Pack they join a small group of Cubs called a "Six" (named after colour of their woggle). Each Six has a Sixer assisted by a Seconder; they are older Cubs who learn to take responsibilities at Pack meetings and at camp.


Cub Scout law and Promise


Cub Scout Promise

I promise that I will do my best
to do my duty to God and to the Queen,
to help other people
and to keep the Cub Scout Law.


Cub Scout Law

Cub Scouts always do their best
think of others before themselves
and do a good turn every day


Our moto: Be prepared!


Code of Conduct

We have a lot of fun, and can be quite rumbustious on occasions(!) - but we expect a lot out of our Cubs too, including high standards of behaviour, helpfulness and trustworthiness, which allows us to do so much. Kindness, trust and respect are very important values to us, as well as always doing our best (especially when we find things tough).



Cubs wear a dark green jumper and blue activity trousers, and often have a green polo shirt for the summer.

Our special scarf of yellow (for sunshine) and green (for the beech trees in the woods around Stoke Row) is presented to each Cub when they are invested.



To find out more about our world and ourselves while having a lot of fun; to learn how to think about (and help) others - and always to do our best! Oh - and we like earning lots of badges too!



During the summer months we spend lots of time outside, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Stoke Row. We build fires and cook on them, we hide and build shelters, play lots of wide games, and  learn how to lots of things like climb, kyack, sail and hike (with a bit of map-reading too).


In the winter, we tend to do more indoorsy things, like making things, cooking, first aid, star gazing, and playing lots of games. But we still get out as much as we can (our most recent night hike was in the snow when it was minus 6 degrees - we had a brilliant time!).



Our new Cubs have to wait to be invested, while they  demonstrate to us that they are keen to be invested (this is usually after about 6 weeks). Then we have a special ceremony during which the new Cub says the Cub Scout law and makes their promise - and receives their scarf and woggle. It's always a very special moment for everyone in our pack).



Our Cubs have the chance to work for a number of staged and activity badges from a very wide selection that are available.  These include Animal Carer, Air Activities  and Athlete, Chef and Collctor, First Aid,  Scientist, and Water Activities, to name just a few! We do lots of badge-related things during our meetings, but Cubs are always welcome to do things at home too. The very top award a Cub can achive is the Chief Scout Silver Award.


Parental Involvement

Although we have a small team of regular leaders, we always welcome parental involvement on an occasional basis, for example to share a particular skill, or to help out with cooking at camps - or to join us on bike rides or hikes.



Regular Features


  •  We always aim to arrange two camps a year during the summer months - usually between May and July. We often go to the Longridge water activity centre to camp by the Thames, which allows us to do lots of water-based things - but also love camping in fields too.
  • We also take part in annual competitions involving other Cub packs in the District, including chess, craft, 6-a-side football and go-kart racing.


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